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 Clump path Rijnstrangen:

 A wonderful walk of about 14 Km through the Rijnstrangen area, where the "Olde Rien"
 (old Rhine) is now no more than a quieted down watercourse.
 For centuries ships have sailed here till that role was taken over by the Pannerden Canal
 and later on the Bylands Canal. Now you encounter silence....
 Directly into nature, 300 meters from the camping. ...Marvelous....
 The route hardly has any paved roads or easily passable paths,
 you also come across 2 foot passenger ferries (self-service).
 However for the curious and a little adventurous hiker the reward is great....
 The route is signposted.
 Go on the road well prepared. Use good footwear (walking boots).
 Long trousers on account of stinging nettles and ticks.
 Possibly a walking cane may come in handy.


 Various long distance walks pass through the vicinity of our camping:
 Hanze-Maas route LF3
 The Pieterpad
 The Rijndeltapad (the Rhine Delta path), a new walk that is being developed by the
 Wandelbond (the Hiking Association) and which runs from Spijk to Katwijk.

 - Hanze-Maasroute LF3
 - Our camping is located at the bicycle node network (node 90), where you can easily compose your biking trip
   yourself. En route you can easily shorten or lengthen your route.
 - For rental bicycles there are the following possibilities:
 - Leo van Ussen Tweewielerservice Zevenaar, 0031(0)316-523296
 - Ter Heerdt Tweelwielers Duiven, also for electrical scooters, 0031(0)316-263002

 Interesting trips:

 - Kröller-Müller Museum
 - Nederlands Openluchtmuseum
 - Burgers Zoo
 - Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe
 - Kernwasser Wunderland Kalkar
 - Archeological Park Xanten