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 Camping De Rijnstrangen is located at the edge of the small village of Aerdt.

 This place is a part of the municipality of Rijnwaarden.
 This municipality is situated entirely within the nature reserve De Gelderse Poort and consists of the villages
 Aerdt, Spijk, Tolkamer, Lobith, Herwen and Pannerden.

 Traditionally this is the Gelders Eiland (Guelder Island), the land of "woater en wiend" (water and wind),
 here the Rhine enters our country at Spijk.

 The river determined the appearance of our environment.

 The strangen are blind river-channels where once the Rhine flowed.

 Now this area contains a fauna and flora of unsurpassed beauty.

 An extensive network of biking and hiking routes leads you  via river forelands and polders and
 over winding idyllic little dikes across the characteristic countryside of the river.